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Navjot Minhas


(India / Belgium)

Navjot, the founder of BX Bhangra, is a proud Bhangra dancer and teacher, born in the birthplace of Bhangra, Punjab and raised in Brussels. With over five years of experience in spreading the love for this vibrant and energetic dance form, Navjot’s goal is to keep the Bhangra tradition alive for generations to come.

Navjot’s passion for Bhangra began at a young age, and he has since been spreading the joy of this dynamic dance form across Europe. He has collaborated with numerous Bhangra artists and groups, including the renowned Pure Bhangra from Dubai.

With his passion and expertise, Navjot has taught Bhangra to at least 300 people, helping to bring the thrill of Bhangra to dance enthusiasts across Europe.

As the first person to introduce Bhangra workshops in Belgium, Navjot’s workshops have become renowned for their high energy and engaging atmosphere, attracting an average of 40 participants per workshop.

Navjot’s teaching style is energetic and engaging, making Bhangra accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.