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Mélodie Toussaint

Gold Winner of 7th International Bollywood Dance Competition
Melodie is a dancer and choreographer based in Paris, France. She practices Hip Hop and 3 Traditional Indian Dances styles: Bharatanatyam, Kathak & Odissi.
She’s a member of the Hip Hop Dance Compagny “Hype N Spicy” directed by Ange Ismael Koué. She’s also performing with “Bollywood Panam”, the professional Indian Dances Company that she founded in 2016 and that she leads and choreographs.
For several years, Melodie has been working on a hybrid gesture using Hip Hop and Indian classical styles. A gesture based on the energy and the respect of traditional techniques and meanings of each dance.
She has been rewarded 7 times in various competitions as a dancer and choreographer in France and abroad since 2019.
Since last year, she started a new adventure with “Women’s Project”, a feminin trio that uses dance to deal with different women issues. A new way for her to explore Indian Dances gestures in a new universe and use it as a voice to deliver an other kind of message.