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Press Release 05/10/2023

10th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival

28th – 30th June, 2024, Athens – Greece
2 Mega Shows at Dora Stratou Theatre on Saturday and Sunday

The Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival took place for the 1st time in 2013 and have been honored with the Auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Hellenic Tourism Organization (GNTO), the International Dance Council (CID), the City of Athens and the Embassy of India in Athens. It is organized by the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece and the Artistic Studio Oriental Expression in collaboration with the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development.

The love of the public (Greek and foreign visitors) and the participation of great artists established it as an Institution. 2024 is the 10th year it will take place.

The Festival is scheduled to be held from 28th to 30th June, 2024, and will take place in the historic “Dora Stratou” Theatre, located on the green hill of Filopappos, in the heart of Athens. This unique quality Festival will become – once more – a great cultural event for the artistic activities during the summer period in Athens.

Greece has always been a crossroad between East and West, where diverse cultures met and have been formed throughout thousands or years. From India and Middle East to North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin, cultures come to close contact by exchanging various characteristics mainly related to culture and all forms of Art.

The Festival aims to highlight these particular features emphasizing on the Arts of Dance and Music, and to provide the opportunity for those interested to discover the magic and the beauty of this peaceful gathering of nations – beyond geographical boundaries – at this modern world that we live in.

In this Festival, dancers, musicians, singers as well as intellectual people from Greece and abroad will participate. In addition, workshops will take place in combination with presentations, performances, lectures, bazaars and lots of other activities.

Specifically, the participants will have the opportunity to attend a variety of Dance Workshops from Master Teachers, who will visit Greece from many countries.

During the festival the 9th International Bollywood Dance Competition will also take place, organized by “Oriental Expression Awards” with prizes and presents.

Cultural organizations, dance troupes but also individual artists (singers, dancers, etc.) who would like to participate in the Festival can address to the organizers.